“Vanguards” Ep 02: Joshua Katcher

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We’re thrilled to present the second episode of our new “Vanguards” video series. With fashion designer, author, educator and activist Joshua Katcher, this second episode shines a light on the role of animals in fashion.

Words: Eric Mirbach

The second episode of our new Vanguards series, a collection of shorts on some of the most intriguing faces in today’s veganism, follows Joshua Katcher on a recent Berlin visit for the Germany stop of a tour of reading events. In his book “Fashion Animals”, a Vegan Good Life x Vegan Publishers co-production, Katcher shines a light on the role of animals throughout fashion history.

The New-York-based author, fashion designer, educator and activist talks about his idea of what good design is, the role of animals and fashion as activism in the second episode of Vanguards.

A Vegan Good Life production in cooperation with Dough Studios Berlin.

Direction: Felix S. Hoffmann for Dough Studios / instagram.com/doughstd
DOP: Boy Behnke / instagram.com/boybehnke
Colors: Isa Hoffmann for All Layers Studio / instagram.com/all_layers_studio
Sound: Basti Pankau / instagram.com/spank.au
Master: Emre Türker / instagram.com/emre.tuerker

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