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Ant the Elder - plant-based tattoo artist designs motif for vegan organic cotton oversized tote bag - Vegan Good Life Magazine

As fans of the dark, romantic style of French tattoo artist Ant the Elder, we jumped at the chance to work with the man. A long time in the making, here's the behind the scenes of the new collab tote bag design by the London resident for Vegan Good Life.

Words: Eric Mirbach
Photography: Florian Maas

Currently residing in London, Ant the Elder is a French tattoo artist who has been working professionally all over Europe for the last five years. Ant also does illustration and design work for brands and magazines and is working on a book project at the moment while investing the rest of his time in in a project named ExHerba, which is a hub for various merch and production of prints.

"We were in awe of the dark,
romantic tattoo art."

When we were introduced to Ant’s work, he had already heard of the magazine and it didn’t take us long to talk collaboration. “I truly appreciate the magazine and its take on veganism, showcasing quality and aesthetically – pleasing products,” Ant told us. And the feeling is mutual. We are in awe of Ant’s illustration work and the dark but almost romantic tattoo art.


We asked Ant for an illustration to use on a couple of new merch items, which will be available in our webshop when this issue drops. Since we wanted to do something around our strapline “Death of Indifference”, Ant came up with a Chrysanthemum motif.

"The Chrysanthemum is a death symbol,
traditionally used for funerals."

The flower, native to Asia and northeastern Europe, is a death symbol – at least the incurve type is – and traditionally used for funerals and on graves. We thought the motif very fitting, fell in love with the layers of meaning it plays with in combination with the words and we went for it.


Find more of Ant's work (or make an appointment)
on his website or check out his Instagram.



New Ant the Elder x VGL
Tote Bags available now!

Find the merch featuring Ant’s work as well as back issues, our plant based guide to Berlin and other fun stuff in our webshop now. Shipping internationally.

  • Organic Cotton
  • Fairwear Certified
  • Handprinted in Germany
  • Oversized silhouette

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