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Uncompromising in their ethics and approach to how garments should be produced, up and coming fashion label Mayd in Chyna makes sure that across every component of the production, their products truly are fair fashion. We talk with the founder behind the brand and how the values instilled in her by her mother guide her design.

Words: Cort Cunningham
Photography: Michael Kai Young

When we asked Maria-Teresa Perna, founder of Mayd in Chyna, who influences her design, she’s quick to shun pop culture and instead mentions the unsung heroes behind the values of her company: “ordinary people who do the right thing without fanfare; organic farmers who toil hard against the conventional farming industry that wants to shut them down; organizations and volunteers working around the world to help ease the pain and suffering of animals and people; all the vegans worldwide who have made a choice to honor animals and not use them for food.


Mayd in Chyna is a values-driven enterprise, designing and manufacturing apparel that is organic, sustainable, and vegan. Their name of course is intended to stand against fast fashion brands who have lost touch with an overseas production process that has prioritized short-term profits over long-term impact on workers, the environment, and the animals. From sourced material to spun yarn to finished product, the entire Mayd in Chyna collection is manufactured and made in the USA.

Maria-Teresa sums it this way: “It is a means to an end and this end is not profits for the sake of profits, but profits for the sake of philanthropic work geared toward animal, people, and planet welfare. We are at a great disadvantage competing with luxury brands that can use anything and everything they want to get the aesthetics that the general fashion public identifies with being luxury. We are extremely limited in everything [fibre, notions, embellishments, etc.] because we do not operate or design like the norm. So all in all, our values are kind of a setback financially for us. We understand this, but we choose to do it this way. If we don’t do it, how can we ask anyone else to?”  

"It's not profits for the sake of profits,
but profits for the sake of philanthropic work."

This sense of authenticity and passion was instilled in Maria-Teresa by her mother, a talented seamstress who taught her to recycle and upcycle fabrics. “I learned from her the basic skills of sewing and styling and how to create a design so that you wear it and it does not wear you. I thought, ‘Why not incorporate the values from my childhood experience into starting a fashion business with textiles and apparel that keep my mother’s spirit alive?’”

For anyone looking for wearable clothes that are fair in mind and practice, Mayd in Chyna is trying to change the fashion establishment one ethically-made piece at a time.



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