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Three vegan Instagram Influencers you need to follow – Vegan Good Life Magazine

We heart Instagram and here’s a couple reasons why. These influencers right here are stepping it up and we highly recommend a follow and a stream of hearthearthearts. Doubletap this, hombre!

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Instagram is where it’s at for the niche of the vegan culture a high-end magazine like Vegan Good Life caters to, at least momentarily. With Facebook taking an ongoing plunge – mainly due to trying to monetarize content that originally used to attract people – and Snapchat on the rise but not quite there yet  – mainly because it’s so friggin‘ hard to find anybody on that thing – the beautiful curated worlds of charismatic online influencers keep on flourishing on Planet Insta. So: Here’s a couple of the editorial staff’s favorites. Who are yours?

A cup of Joan / @acupofjoan

Here’s for a straight up animal rights activist with a knack for great outfits compiled of cruelty-free and earth-friendly fashion. Joan takes a mean selfie but has no problem to rub the wrongs of the fashion- and food industries into everybody’s faces, so take a sip of that!

Timothy Pakron / @mississippivegan

Artist-turned-chef Timothy Pakron is a talented photographer, who’s love for the square might benefit his wildly successful feed – but maybe it’s more what’s on his photos. Light, darkness, amazing food –  it’s all there.

Armin Moorbach / @arminmoorbach

One head, too many hats: Armin Moorbach is a German photographer, Editor in Chief of fashion magazine TUSH and the founder of Ballsaal Agency – and he’s got his Instagame on lock as well. Follow Armin for sneak peeks of his published work and prepare to be weirded the ckuf out (in a good way).


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