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Vegan Good Life Issue 6 is here
Our "Future Issue" looks at the future of fashion just as much as at the future of meat. And with Mr. Gaz Oakley aka the Avantgarde Vegan, we got ourselves a full-on YouTube sensation and future superstar chef to interview. You might want to check this one out!

Words & Photos: Eric Mirbach
On 144 pages, this new issue of Vegan Good Life dares to take a look into the future of plant-based counterculture, a movement this magazine is destined to be the leading voice for. With a selection of featured designers, photographers, chefs and creatives of all trades, with in-depth articles on how fashion has to and will evolve into an ethical industry and on recent developments in food (read: the Beyonds of the world).

All of this is rounded out with fashion and beauty editorials of unmatched quality and, while we're at it, how about a bit of travel inspiration for your next trip? Issue 6 is here to inspire and showcase how fun, colorful and stimulating this new, fun thing they call veganism really is. Forward thinkers, here goes!
With not one, but three eclectic and high quality fashion and beauty editorials, let us show you how exciting the world of vegan and ethical fashion can be if you just know where to look. Our in-house team around photography wunderkind duo Aglaja Brix & Florian Maas made sure you'll be served a cocktail of artistry in both photography as well as fashion design and styling.

"Veganism's future poster child? Gaz Oakley."

With Gaz Oakley, we're featuring one of the up- and comers of what one Isa Chandra would call "vegan chefery". Gaz, originally from Wales, is what they call YouTube-famous and we were excited to meet the man in his new studio in Southern London – enjoy an interview with this sharply dressed, soft-spoken and artistic chef. We were aiming to catch an insight into the life the Avantgarde Vegan just seconds before blowing up. Mark our words, here's veganism's future poster child.
Very happy to have Mr. Joshua Katcher back on board for this new issue, but this time, he's not on the cover (see Issue 02), but delivered an article called "Circumfaunal Fashion", looking at the future of his industry (spoiler; it's cruelty-free, techy and exciting).

More than worth a mention: Ethical fashion's biggest hype of past years, outerwear company Embassy of Bricks and Logs, who's "Lyndon" and "Elphin" coats have retailers and customers go nuts all over Europe. This new company, combining utilitarian, street-infused styles and silhouettes with honesty and real ethics is here to stay. We talked to the founders to find out more.

"Yes, this is plant-based and yes, you should have bought stock ages ago."

More future? Sure. We look at recent developments in the international food industry, in the aftermath of companies like Beyond Meat thoroughly disrupting cemented belief systems in nutrition. Yes, this is plant-based, yes it tastes amazing and yes, you should have bought stock ages ago. Exciting times, exciting new developments. Read more in our article aptly named "Where's the Heme?"
All this and much more awaits you in issue 6 of Vegan Good Life, you're one-stop-destination for all things plant-based counterculture. Once again, we gave our best to create a magazine that's as vital, colorful, exciting and forward-thinking as this movement is and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy every minute spent with it.

Here's a couple more impressions for you and then a link to our shop – just in case you want to pick one up right now.


Issue 6 out now!

An elevated perspective on plantbased counterculture indeed – read up on zero waste veganism with Max La Manna, meet YouTube sensation Gaz Oakley, learn about the brands that are shaking up the food industry, grab lunch at one of five selected prime locations all over the world, and join us when we flee rough Berlin winters for the Canaries.

  • 144 pages
  • quality paper from sustainable forrestry
  • fashion & beauty editorials
  • essays & think pieces
  • interviews & travel tips
  • curated in Berlin and NYC
  • printed in Germany
  • worldwide free shipping


    Meet Gaz Oakley

    To celebrate the release of our new issue, we present the man on the cover, Gaz Oakley, for the very first time in Berlin. After the first night sold out in a day, we've set up a second event and tickets are live now. Join us for a fun night in the gorgeous 'Freunde von Freunden' space in Berlin, Germany with the celebrity chef.

  • Cooking Show
  • Meet & Greet
  • Booksigning
  • Issue 6 Release Party
  • Fun & Frinks

  • Tickets available now. Event is limited to 150 tickets (and they're going fast, so…)

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