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Vegan Good Life Issue 5 is here
An artist with 40.000 crosses tattooed on his body. A professional skateboarder becoming an elder statesmen in his sport. A female head chef turning comfort food into a fine dining experience. An ethical fashion designer turned author. We have them all (and much more) in issue 5 of Vegan Good Life magazine.

Words & Photos: Eric Mirbach
On 144 pages, this new issue of Vegan Good Life tells the story of plantbased counterculture growing into a multi-facetted, cultural movement. With a selection of featured artists, sportsmen, chefs and creatives of all sorts, with essays that dive deep into the way we choose words or define masculinity, with fashion and beauty editorials of unpeckable quality and travel inspiration for your next trip, issue 5 marks a new status quo in wholesome ethical living.

Featuring brands like Stella McCartney, Nemanti, Schepperheyn or Working Title, this issue's fashion editorials are proof that not only yes, ethical clothing is fashionable but oh yes, it's on the verge of becoming leader of the pack.

"It helps that Isa Chandra is hilarious."

With Isa Chandra, we talked to a visionary head chef in the realm of plantbased cuisine, who, in her two restaurants (both named Modern Love) turns comfort food into a fine dining experience, and very successfully so. It helps that she's also hilarious. You'll enjoy the read, that's for sure.
We enjoyed chatting with professional skateboarder Kenny Anderson, as well. With over 40, Kenny is part of the first generation of street skateboarders becoming 'elder statesmen' in their young sport. Hydration, breathing and (surprise) vegan food help him accomplish that.

"The 51-year-old sports 40.000 crosses on his body."

Another very interesting person we had the chance to talk to is Mr. Alfredo Meschi. The 51-year-old coined himself an 'artivist' and his artwork is his body. With 40.000 crosses tattooed on his skin (one for every animal killed for food every second), he attracts glances and stares wherever he goes… and thus creates a dialogue instantly. We discussed his art, his view on life and activism and dove deep into topics like toxic masculinity and humanity's collective evolutionary shame.
All this and much more awaits you in issue 5 of Vegan Good Life, you're one-stop-destination for all things plantbased counterculture. We gave our best to create a magazine that's as vital, colorful, exciting and forward-thinking as this movement is and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy every minute spent with the new issue.

Here's a couple more impressions for you and then a link to our shop in case you want to pick one up right now and have it shipped your way (international shipping's on us on this one, how's that?).


Issue 5 out now!

An elevated perspective on plantbased counterculture indeed – read up on veganism & masculinity, meet pro skateboarder Kenny Anderson, learn about the 40.000 tattoos on the skin of Italian artivist Alfredo Meschi, grab lunch at Isa Chandra's Modern Love in Brooklyn, New York and spend a weekend in Barcelona with us.

  • 144 pages
  • quality paper from sustainable forrestry
  • fashion & beauty editorials
  • essays & think pieces
  • interviews & travel tips
  • curated in Berlin and NYC
  • printed in Germany
  • worldwide free shipping

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