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Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

The editorial team got together for our last staff meeting to discuss upcoming projects – and taste some cheese. Polish artisan collective Serotonina had sent a selection of their vegan cheeses and we got right to business.

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Words & Photos: Eric Mirbach

We had spotted the Serotonina booth on various vegan markets in Berlin before, so we had them on our list of “must tries” for quite a while. If you follow The Journal, you’ll probably know we have a thing for vegan cheeses and had to try what our neighboring country has to offer.

So when this huge package arrived, the whole squad got together for an unofficial cheese tasting. Here’s our notes for each and every one of their cheeses we tasted, veeeeery subjective and brutally honest (deadhead emoji).

Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

The Gorgon

Creamy yet firm, maybe even a bit too firm? Strong flavor and quite salty, but in a good way. Tangy, creamy – pretty close to the non-vegan original. We’re off to a good start!

The Escobar Royale

Escobar has a nice bite to it, and again, a rather tangy consistency. Very close to a classic Camembert. Very ‘nutty’ flavor which is good and a nice, crisp crisp layer of mold. Tastes ‘matured’ yet smooth. Our fav cheese of the bunch already!

The Cheddar Almondo

The first thing you sense with this cheddar variation is a rather sour smell. The taste is mild and nutty but, as the smell indicated, sour. The outer is crisp, the consistency is creamy. On it’s own, probably not our favorite, but we all imagined it would work great on a homemade pizza or a sandwich, mixing in with other, various flavors.

The Fangoria

With its intense mushroom flavor, Fangoria stands out from the bunch. Again, a rather sour overall taste, which comes as a bit of a surprise as Fangoria doesn’t smell as intense as it tastes. This one had us reminiscing about the days when Tartex was a daily companion due to the lack of alternatives.

The Kimcheeze

This one looks pretty but smells intense. A rather sweet but smoky flavor and then an aggressive spiciness that sneaks up on you. Again, this one is rather salty, a bit too salty for some. Sour aftertaste and with a hint of red pepper.

The Fetina

Pickled and with a fresh smell, Fetina aims to mimic classic Feta cheese. It is, however, made of tofu and you can tell as the tofu flavor really comes through. Depending on personal taste and your relationship to tofu, this can be a nice add-on – or the exact opposite. Rather garlicky, crumbly consistency and rather salty, too. We’re thinking this one might work awesome in fresh summer salads.

The Odertor

Odertor has a consistency that split our team right in the middle. One side described it as ‘downright unpleasant’, the other thought it was ‘great’ and that this cheese probably falls under ‘acquired taste’- So this one might grow on you. What’s indisputable is that Odertor is closest to classic vegan fake cheeses taste- and consistency-wise and is rather yeasty.

The Carbon

Again with that signature sour smell, Carbon comes with an outer made of black sesame, which ads a lot of flavor and counters the sour. It’s creamy and melty and develops rather complex taste patterns on the tongue. This one was less salty, too, which was nice for a change.

Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

That’s it, our first cheese tasting with the whole squad, wrapped up. Again, please keep in mind that all of this is super subjective, so we suggest you get to it and check out Serotonina’s selection by yourself – and find out if you agree with our opinions or nah.

And please note that they have even more cheeses than what we presented here, so give the ones we didn’t mention a spin, as well.

Order Serotonina Cheese through their website

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  1. Hello,
    The serotonina website doesn’t work. Do they have a new address? How can I order?
    Thanks for helping

      1. Well, it does seem to be offline. They still have a Facebook page though, maybe try them there? Not sure what’s going on there tbh. Sorry!

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