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Berlin: The Plantbased Guide - Vegan Good Life - a print magazine on ethical fashion, plantbased food and conscious design - the very best in vegan counterculture - Berlin - New York
Berlin has a reputation for being the vegan and countercultural capital of the world. With Vegan Good Life HQ located in Berlin, it was rather obvious to make the first issue in a new series of travel guides to the world's most interesting vegan-minded cities about the one where we chose to put up shop.

Words: Cort Cunningham
Photos: Eric Mirbach

'Berlin: The Planbased Guide will show you where to eat and where to roam across the districts worth a visit. By no means a comprehensive collection, rather a highly curated, selective take on the city's plantbased hotspots. You're getting the editorial team's firsthand perspective of what makes Berlin said vegan and counterculture capital.

'Berlin: The Plantbased Guide' is available now in our webshop, both in a print version (which comes in a handy travel size and is shipping worldwide) and as a digital version. You know you want to.

Belrin: The Plantbased Guide – a travel guide with the best vegan restaurants, shops and locations around the German capital.

The best restaurants, shops and points of interest in Berlin, Germany –

all collected in our new guide to the German capital. Find out where to eat and where to roam on a 140 pages packed to the rim with all the do's in the German capital

  • more than 60 tips, destinations and to-do's
  • curated and hand-selected
  • the editorial team's secret spots
  • sturdy exterior, quality paper
  • including an architecture photo essay, listicles & interviews


    Rounded out with recommended hideaways and points of interest as well as interviews with selected protagonists of the local scene, 'Berlin: The Plantbased Guide' is the indisputable guide for both visitors and locals who want to experience an alternative path to the good life Berlin.

    You're likely to soon be greeted by the Berliner Schnauze, but under the harsh sass and indiscriminate humor lies considerable heart and curiosity. Same goes for the city itself. It's hidden, lesser known spots leave a lot to discover and will make you realize you've gotten to the good stuff here – luckily, we already did the homework and got you covered with the very best pointers of where to get started with your stay.


    If you already have a copy, please let us know how you liked it. (And if you don't, what's stopping you?) We'd love to hear from you on social or via email. And while we're at it, let us know which city you think we should tackle next – in the comment section below is a good place to start. Paris? Warsaw? New York? What's a good vegan travel destination, where should we go next and which plantbased city should go on our list of "guides to make"?

    Can't wait for your input!

    yours truly,
    Team VGL
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