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Earthling Ed - Animal Rights Activist Ed Winters - photos by Aglaja Brix and Florian Maas - Berlin - Vegan Good Life Magazine

On the cover of our latest issue, you can see Mr. Ed Winters, better known as "Earthling Ed", with the words "radical kindness" scribbled across. Inside, we have an extended interview with the well-known activist whose calm but dangerously eloquent manner inspired the cover art. Here are our favorite quotes from the piece.

Words: Eric Mirbach
Photography: Brix & Maas
Ed and his team at Surge are behind some of the most talked about animal rights campaigns ever launched in the UK. Ed himself, though still in his early 20s, not only runs a YouTube channel with over 230K subs, he also gives talks at schools, colleges and universities all over the UK and in the US, as well, including an ethics guest lecturer gig at Harvard University. He is behind two full length documentaries, a podcast with illustrious guests, has given two TED talks. The list goes on.


What's most impactful about Ed's work, however, is the way he holds himself in discussions, no matter how heated. The calm, understanding nature of this tone and the obvious respect for everybody kind enough to sit down with him to debate something both really urgent and really uncomfortable make all the difference. It's his biggest strength, the way he creates an environment where people can't use the confrontational tone of their counterpart as an easy way out and to not hear what's actually being said.

Here are some of our favorite pearls of wisdom from the extended interview in issue 7:

"Nobody wants to be judged – for me, it's about asking questions that help people realize how they really feel."

Ed Winters on creating a safe space in a discussion

"The majority of people will agree with veganism because the arguments are so solid."

Ed Winters on basing arguments on facts and research

"Fashion for me has to be forward-thinking and progressive. Skin and flesh are so outdated."

Ed Winters on the Role of veganism in fashion

"I have people tell me they will go vegan when they have lab-grown meat – but that could be a decade or longer. What about now? What about every day until that point?"

Ed Winters on the future of meat

"Veganism is a moral progression. It doesn't just encourage to not harm animals, it encourages to treat each other well."

Ed Winters on the morals of living vegan


Find the full interview in issue 7

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