New Video Series “Vanguards”

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The first episode of our new short movie series “Vanguards” features celebrity chef Gaz Oakley.

Words: Eric Mirbach

Vegan Good Life, though with high quality print publications at it’s core, has been, from the start, a creative platform that’s both multidisciplinary as well als multimedia. We’ve been wanting to transfer what we do on paper and in photography into moving images for quite some time now. For our short movie concept show “Vanguards”, we teamed up with Berlin-based film production crew Dough Studios to film the first mini-season, showcasing some of the most influential figures in the vegan sphere.

For the first episode, we came together with celebrity chef and youtube sensation Gaz Oakley in Berlin to capture the man’s essence. Our first feature short shows Gaz in his zone, between shopping groceries, cooking for his fans at a Vegan Good Life event and an intense work out. This is Episode 01 of The Vanguards series.

A Vegan Good Life production in cooperation with Dough Studios Berlin.

Direction: Felix S. Hoffmann for Dough Studios /
DOP: Boy Behnke /
Colors: Isa Hoffmann for All Layers Studio /
Sound: Basti Pankau /
Master: Emre Türker /

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