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The Vegan Good Life team is growing and growing. And for the second time this year, here's a couple of new faces we want you to meet. This is the Vegan Good Life Team in 2018 – come say "hi".

About time for a quick update of this post, originally posted early 2018. Behind the Scenes of the Vegan Good Life, we spent the past six months going through massive changes (enough for another article). The most important change, though, is the addition of new members of staff. Here we go.

Cort Cunningham

Long-time New York resident (with stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Amsterdam) and a career built on brand strategy and content creation, Cort brings a global perspective and strong narrative prowess to the pages of Vegan Good Life as our Managing Editor.

A storyteller and strategist at heart, it was in the past couple of years that Cort developed an unrealized passion and talent for writing and editing, while creating narrative-driven content for travel, hospitality, and technology brands.

Vegan since 2012, his personal and professional evolution has been driven by his desire to continually learn and explore, to challenge the status quo, and to show others that you can live the good life without harming others. So when the opportunity arose to join the Vegan Good Life team, it was a total no-brainer.

For now, Cort is based in the U.S. and calls Berlin his second home, so there will be exciting new developments for the publication on both sides of the pond.

Find out more about Cort's work here:

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Wenke Walter

Born in 1986 in the most eastern city in Germany (Görlitz), Wenke brings a multidisciplinary background to the table. From content marketing, sales and account management to professional blogging, social media, and graphic design.

After seven years in Berlin and working in different creative industries, Wenke moved to New York for 2,5 years and partnered up with her swiss friend Jamil to create the Fairtrade certified ethical t-shirt brand A New York Affair (currently undergoing a thorough rebranding and coming to the European market soon).

Her deep interest for music shows on her blog wenkewho – in mixtape form.

A dedicated vegan (#fortheanimals), Wenke relocated to Berlin in November 2017 to join the team here at Vegan Good Life as our Head of Sales, so if you're interested in giving us money, she's the one to talk to (just saying).

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Florian Maas

Born 1987 in Hamburg, Florian discovered his love for photography when majoring design in his hometown in Northern Germany.

During a semester abroad in Tel Aviv, he developed his admiration for the aesthetics of New Objectivity and Bauhaus. Whether it's architecture, landscape or fashion, Florian applies his clean visual approach to every nuance of his work.

After pairing up with Vegan Good Life Fashion Director Aglaja (also new to the fold, see below), Florian has been collaborating and publishing under the alias Brix & Maas since 2014. It was Aglaja who introduced him to veganism, too – Florian has been living vegan since 2013.

Find out more about Florian's work here:

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Aglaja Brix

Another Hamburg-native, Aglaja was born in 1990 and wears all the hats: Responsible for the overall Fashion Direction of Vegan Good Life, Aglaja also is a photographer and writer, works as an actress and a model and has a solid Insta-game going.

First and foremost though, Aglaja is keeping it impressively real: Growing up a vegetarian, she has not eaten meat once in her life and banned all other animal-derived products from her life age 14.

Aglaja made first contact with the camera as a child actor in a well-known German television show („Die Pfefferkörner") still loved by many today.

To further nourish her passion for the arts, she majored photography in Hamburg (where she met Florian). Together, they have been working as photography-duo infernale Brix & Maas since.

After a stopover at Harper's Bazaar (and their offices in Berlin & New York), Aglaja will now grace the pages of Vegan Good Life with her good taste in fashion and her keen sense for the currents of contemporary plantbased lifestyle and culture.

Find out more about Aglaja's work here:

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Eric Mirbach

After more than a decade as freelance photographer and content creator, Eric (*1983) co-created Vegan Good Life in Bonn, Germany late 2014. Ever since, Eric has been in charge of the creative and editorial direction of the world's number one print publication on plantbased counterculture.

With a background in streetwear- and youth-culture as well as content creation, the graduated photographer has been published internationally and brings the ability to overlook a multi-faceted project like Vegan Good Life to the table.

A dedicated vegan, Eric has been channeling his creative abilities into creating momentum for the idea of veganism through changing the outside perception of the movement. The creation of Vegan Good Life showcases this dedication just as much as the work Eric does as a consultant for visionary vegan fashion brands of the likes of Vaute Couture and Brave GentleMan.

After relocating to Berlin in early 2018 and bidding farewell to founding member Julia Koch (who's off to new adventures), Eric is now solely in charge of Vegan Good Life and looking forward to push things forward.

Find out more about Eric's work here:

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For updates and behind-the-scenes content from the Vegan Good Life HQ, follow @vegangoodlife on Instagram.

From Berlin with love,
xoxo, the VGL team

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