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Letter from the Publisher - Eric Mirbach on the making of Vegan Good Life issue 5

When I came to Berlin at the end of 2017, I wasn’t sure I would be writing another intro for this magazine ever again. Back then, my life was pretty much in shambles. My girlfriend / fiancée / co-founder / best friend and I had just broken up after seven rather rocky years. I had just packed up our flat after she had left, sorting through our stuff and getting everything lined up. I too had to get away from it all, from an old life that officially had ended.

Words: Eric Mirbach
Artwork & Photo: Very Good Looking

I did all of that after coming back from a solo trip to New York that we originally had planned to go on together. I quit my job, my finances were a mess, and I still had to figure out if I wanted to go on with Vegan Good Life at all. (And if I’d be able to obtain the rights to do so.)

Luckily, I had a surprisingly smooth start once I arrived in Berlin. And very soon, things started falling into place. I found myself a new team or rather, a new team found me. These guys saw things in the magazine I nearly forgot were there. They helped me find a way back to believing in this more than they are probably aware of and I am grateful they joined me, helped breathe new life in this project and stick through 2018 with me. We made good use of our time, put together two Ethical Fashion Today newspapers so far, then went on to publish our first travel guide. We called it Berlin: The Plantbased Guide and if you haven’t seen it yet, let me just tell you; you’ve been missing out!

“I was challenged to break
things up content-wise”

The most important change the new team brings though, is depth. When we started Vegan Good Life in 2014, I had a very clear vision of what we would talk about – and which subjects we wouldn’t touch. I wanted it to be almost superficial, a very “surfacey“ publication. Making it sleek, shiny, minimal and arty was my way to sneak veganism into people’s lives without them really noticing because of all the glitter we sprinkled on top.

While this still is an approach we follow aesthetically, I was challenged to break things up content-wise. The team wanted us to go deeper, call things by their name, be very straight-forward and not beat around the bush too much. And that’s what we did.

“The high-strung fashion, the precise design work,
it’s all still there – but now it goes full circle”

Of course, we still have the high–strung fashion editorials, the travel tips, the top restaurants, the chefs and the very precise and minimal design work. It’s all still there – but now it goes full circle, is filled with more life and with the input of that secret society of likeminded do-gooders I’m blessed to surround myself with these days.

I think it’s safe to say that with this new issue, more than ever, we’re taking things to a whole new level and I want to say thank you for being a part of it – meaning the people who helped make all this happen just as much as you, the reader.

There’s nothing like new beginnings, is there?
Enjoy Issue 05!

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