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Letter from the Editor – Vegan Good Life - October 2018 - Photo by Brix and Maas - Berlin

A year ago, Vegan Good Life went through massive changes. A new city, a new team, a new way of distributing content. After a turbulent Berlin summer, we’re getting ready for 2019 – and we have plans!

Words_ Eric Mirbach
Photos_ Brix & Maas

The last time I wrote a piece like this was early this year, January to be precise. I had just moved to Berlin a couple months prior (I’m now in this new city for slightly over a year). I had just onboarded the first new members to the Vegan Good Life team (we are now five people on staff plus a team of freelancers all over the world). It’s amazing what investing 12 months of keeping your head down, sorting things out and keeping at it can create.

“Turns out it’s easy to hand over responsibilities
when your team’s really good”

What started in Bonn, Germany in 2014 as a national print magazine is now an international publication / think tank / creative agency in disguise with desks in both Berlin as well as New York City. The Journal, our digital counterpart to the print magazine, has been developing into its very own thing, as well. The quality of content the team has been putting out on this channel is shocking to me at times. Let me put it this way: I majored photography and have been writing for magazines all my life, but all of a sudden I have people around me delivering photographs on a level that make me just sit back and say “yeah okay, you do it, I’m good”. And people penning thought-trough think pieces that leave me with nothing more to say than “okay, I’m putting this out right now, as is”.

I’ve heard over and over again how hard it can be to let go and hand over responsibilities as a founder – let others do things you used to do and decide things you used to decide, letting go of having everything under control at all times. Turns out it’s easier when your team’s just really, really good. Which doesn’t mean I’m super good at letting go, still learning. Just saying my team is awesome.

“I always thought we were early – so early, so far out there”

But what’s up with the print side of the business? I’m glad you asked. We put out a fashion-heavy special edition earlier this year to test the waters a little bit and were very happy with the outcome. I always thought we were very early with this project – covering lifestyle-topics, art & design from a plantbased perspective when so many people out there literally don’t even know what veganism in food actually means. So early, so far out there. And I still think we’re early. But I also think that the market is slowly getting there. And we’re getting ready for 2019.

A lot of things are planned, but the most important one is this: A new, full issue will come out spring 2019. The page plan is done, the content starts flying in – and we’re getting ready for a cold and harsh Berlin / New York winter spent in front of our monitors to create Vegan Good Life #05.

Can. Not. Wait.

So happy you’re accompanying us on this journey!

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