The Pain, the Struggle, the Fear

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart VAUTE documentary - Vegan Good Life

Ever since she appeared on the cover of issue 02, we've been following Vaute-founder Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart on her way. Now a new documentary offers a very intimate look into the inner workings of the world's first vegan fashion house.

Photo: Adrian Centoni
Words: Eric Mirbach
Very honest, very close, so emotional, so raw: The 30 minute documentary "The World's First Vegan Fashion House" portrays not only Vaute, the company, but moreso Leanne herself. And luckily for us, the audience, Leanne allowed the film crew in completely.

We accompany Leanne from LA to NYC, we see her daily struggle, the hard work and the emotional pitfalls of shouldering all the responsibilities of running a business of this size.

"We see the all-so-real fear behind the scenes"

What really makes the documentary is that it shows the stark contrast of Leanne's inner world and the way she is holding herself confronting her daily tasks. We see her pitching her business to outside investors, coordinating producers and co-workers, photoshoots and media-campaigns – always "on", all smiles, all positivity. And we see the pain, the all-so-real fear of not succeeding, we see the struggle and the tears behind the scenes.

This one is for all entrepreneurs out there, giving their all to break vegan businesses into the mainstream. If you ever think "this is just too hard" or "if I ever hear anyone say 'yeah, but that word vegan just sounds meh' ever again…" – you're not alone.

Oh and while we're at it:
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