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The digital version of our plant based guide to Amsterdam city is available now – Vegan Good Life Magazine

We were ready to publish the hardcover version of our newest: The plant based guide to Amsterdam city, compiling the best eats and tips for the vegan traveller. It was about to be delivered to our warehouse, we had loads of preorders lined up – and then life happened. Oh, yeah, and Covid.

Words: Eric Mirbach

Ever since the city of Amsterdam has awaken to veganism a couple years back, we were in love with the Dutch capital. A new rise of plant based endeavors had taken over the city and the vegan scene was in full bloom – think Berlin a couple years back, but very modern, sophisticated, bright and inviting and very, very condensed (it's a tiny city in comparison).

There was no question our second city guide after Berlin would have to be compiled roaming the canals of Damsco – so we got right into it. After a couple of intense months of research, we traveled to A'dam and, as we always do, visited and tested the most promising vegan spots of the city, talked to locals and produced all the photo material we needed to create a real, very rich and unfiltered perspective on the city we could all get behind.

We were ready to go – until we weren't.

We had been working with the same printing house for years, never had any problems. This time, however, when the delivery came, we were not happy. You didn't see it at first glance, but when handling the guide, it got painfully clear we wouldn't be able to accept the delivery. See, there's kind of a protective film that goes on a publication like that to make it a bit more sturdy – after all, you're supposed to carry it around in your bag, roaming the streets of the city we're covering in it.

Turns out that adhesive film was piling off once you rubbed it a little bit (which will inevitably happen when you actually want to use it the way it's supposed to be used). So with a heavy heart, we called our printing house, cancelled the order, asked them to pick up the full print run and looked for a new printing house for the job. And we found one.

"We were back at square one – and then Covid happened."

Fast forward another couple of weeks, as that is how long it took us to find someone to print for us, then discuss paper quality and prices and get them updated print files – and after weeks of delay and very kind pre-order customers that had been waiting for us to deliver all this time, we got the new batch. And (get this!) the same thing had happened! With the last experience still vividly present in our minds, we gave the cover film a bit of a scrub and… it came off. Unbelievable! So we were back at square one and then, to make things worse, Covid happened. Even if we were to find a new printing house, or make a good deal with one of the printing houses we had tried working with before, it was very likely they would be forced to shut down over the next weeks, while nobody would be able to travel anyhow and then, and this is a dark thought, but a reality unfortunately: There was no way for us to know how long the Dutch lockdown would go and which businesses we covered would survive it.

So we decided we would have to hold back with the print version, see how this whole virus situation will play out, then regroup and update the guide one more time before going back to print.

"Check out the digital guide and help the vegan scene of A'dam thrive."

Now, why are we telling you all of this? Well… while the hardcopy has never made it into our webshop, the digital version has. So if you're already planning a trip to the Dam for when all of this is over, we might have the right planning tool for you, ready to download in our webshop. And we're doing our best to promote it, especially because we want all the businesses we featured not only to survive the crisis, but thrive. The vegan scene in Amsterdam really is something else and it would be such a loss if even just one of these amazing businesses would have to close shop.

So why not pick up the digital guide, check out what we have in stock for you and find out where you want to invest some of your travel money, in order to help very exciting businesses vital for the development of the city to success? We promise it will feel good and taste good, too.


The plant based Guide to Amsterdam (digital)

The vegan scene in Amsterdam is off the hook as of late. Over the past few years, countless new plant-based spots have opened, joining the mainstay establishments who have been a part of the city’s alternative side and the ever-expanding consciousness of the populace.

  • where to eat and where to roam
  • featuring all districts worth a visit
  • the team's first hand perspective on the city

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