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Three Summer Scents for Men - Woodberg x Vegan Good Life Magazine - Grooming Special

We found this summer’s most exciting fair & vegan men’s perfumes – responsible consumerism and non-toxic masculinity never smelled better.

Photos & Words_ Eric Mirbach

Granted, we had it easy. All we had to do is get in touch with our friends at Woodberg – with whom we talked extendedly about veganism in men’s grooming just a couple weeks ago – and they had already done all the work for us.

Scents of Responsibility

So what were we looking for? Choosing and curating products and overall content for this magazine is a never-ending act of balancing two things that – sadly – still seem to cancel each other out too often: We’re out here to find the things that are beautiful and satisfying aesthetically first, but that also are inhabited by an inner beauty, which is directly linked to the way they were produced.

In short: we’re looking for products shaping and embellishing a true Vegan Good Life.

Three Summer Scents for Men - Woodberg x Vegan Good Life Magazine - Grooming Special

This goes especially for products aimed at men, as we see a big gap between what modern masculinity needs to become and those ever present yet outdated ideas of what “a real man” is, does and eats.

There’s a gap between what modern masculinity
needs to become and the outdated ideas of
what “a real man” is

With every men’s feature we create, we take a stand against an environment of a toxic and ignorant understanding of masculinity – not only for men and boys, but everyone, including nature and the animal kingdom.

Three Summer Scents for Men - Woodberg x Vegan Good Life Magazine - Grooming Special

What we need are products that question the status quo, that help creating a new vision of masculinity which involves self-reflection and responsible consumerism, caring about the lives touched in the making of these products and accepting responsibility for our actions.

We need products that question the status quo,
establishing themselves as beautiful,
sought-after items making life better

While meanwhile, establishing themselves as sought-after, beautiful objects that make your life a bit better day by day. Because taking a stand and being a vulnerable, strong, caring man should feel good – and smell good.

Three Summer Scents for Men - Woodberg x Vegan Good Life Magazine - Grooming Special

We weren’t surprised that the three perfumes the good guys at Woodberg sent ticked all our boxes: All vegan, based on the principles of natural cosmetics and they looked gorgeous!

Raaw by Trice
Blackened Santal Perfume

This sensual, spicy scent evolves tremendously while wearing it. The blend of sandalwood and cedarwood is complemented by cardamom and dark Madagascan vanilla. A light, very floral aroma of violet and iris completes the mix of this unisex fragrance made from natural oils. A special treat: The alcohol used in this perfume is made from certified organic sugar cane alcohol – while other perfume brands claim that organic alcohol is inferior and can’t be used in perfumes, Raaw proves that yes, it can be done.

The beautiful glass bottle comes with two different spray heads and can be purchased here.

The Motley
Atlas Cologne

This masculine, woody and natural fragrance by The Motley is subtle but stays with you all day. An aroma blend of Atlas Cedar, Oak moss, Leather, Amber and Musk, it’s safe for all skin types, 100% vegan and comes in a clean and sleek glass bottle, defined by bold typography with a classic feel. This is the fragrance I didn’t send back after shooting the photos for this feature, just saying.

You can get it here.

Naomi Goodsir Parfums
Cuir Velours – Eau de Parfum

This one is an elegant, oriental and spicy fragrance, whose scent develops further and further while you wear it, becoming unique when sprayed on skin. Developed by renowned perfumer Julien Rasquinet, the top notes are Tobacco and Rum, while the heart notes (which appear once the top notes begin to vanish) are Labdanum, Imortelle and Honey (not really honey, though, it’s a vegan fragrance). The base notes which will stick with you the longest are Ambra, Incense and Leather (again, no worries).

Cuir Velours comes in a beautiful glass spray bottle and you can get it here.

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