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Five vegan Instagram Influencers you need to follow – Vegan Good Life Magazine

We love to doubletap us some Insta-G’s – partly because of the seemingly neverending stream of inspiring feeds. Here’s a couple of the staff’s favorites of the week. Follow up!

Jenny Mustard / @jennymustard

She’s one of the authors we won for Vegan Good Life issue #03 and outlandish fashion sense is outshone by her crazy-wholesome and delicious recipes only. All hail the Mustard.

Audrey Kitching / @akitching

When a model who’s been featured in the likes of Nylon and Vogue gets her certified crystal healer on and founds a company awesomely called Crystal Cactus – what’s not to love?

Julie West / @thesimpleveganista

With a simple and very VSCO presentation of down-to-earth but super yummy looking dishes, blogger Julie West creates an airy Instagrid packed with inspiration.


This tatted-up German #veganbabe has her selfie-game down (think coffee in bed with hubbie, all four hands in the frame). Also pretty jelly of those emoticon pillows, to be honest.

Insta this!

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