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Fashion Animals Book by Joshua Katcher - Portrait by Eric Mirbach for Vegan Good Life magazine
Words & Photos_Eric Mirbach

Joshua Katcher, easily the most influential men's designer in the realm of vegan fashion, is about to publish his first book – Fashion Animals. And you could make it happen.
The author, no doubts here, is the right man for the job. "I am a designer with a decade of experience, a fashion educator who has taught and lectured at some of the top design schools in the world, and someone who has been following, writing about and interacting with others who care about the ethics of using animals in fashion since 2008, leading me to do everything from partner with startups who are growing animal protein materials in the laboratory to participating in talks with major luxury designers like Stella McCartney," Katcher told us.

"This is an industry I know well, and I also know how to speak to people inside this industry in a way that inspires and engages without losing my call for total animal liberation from fashion production."

One of the many possible cover options for Fashion Animals
Katcher is the driving force behind men's fashion blog institution The Discerning Brute, created men's luxury fashion label Brave GentleMan, was awarded Most Influential Designer of 2015 by PETA and, last but not least, appeared on the cover of Vegan Good Life Issue #02 (just saying).

"The Art Direction will be cooked up
at the Vegan Good Life Headquarters"

So now a book – and again, in collaboration with this fine magazine – the art direction for Fashion Animals will be cooked up here at the Vegan Good Life headquarters in Berlin, Germany. So we're especially invested in making sure this book sees the light of day. Please head over to the Indiegogo Page for Fashion Animals and support Joshua with this project.

Art Direction for Fashion Animals in the works at the VGL headquarters
The author has put years of extensive research into the creation of his first book – and it shows:

"Fashion Animals lays out an entirely untold history and perspective of fashion that fashion professionals, designers and creatives from the industry won't find anywhere else. This will transform the way they look at fashion and fashion media, and that those entangled in the book's dramatic accounts range from Louise XIV to Vogue Magazine's founder Josephine Redding and from a single feather from a single bird in New Zealand to a secret rabbit farm inside a concentration camp."

"… from a single bird in New Zealand to a
secret rabbit farm inside a concentration camp"

Katcher is aiming high: The designer is looking to put out a "very attractive and visual, coffee-table style book, full of rare and gorgeous archival images, compelling stories, research and a critical text that looks at how and why animals have been exploited for fashion. It will be a handsome object in and of itself and should appeal directly to creative people."
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