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AD / WERBUNG – In 2017, designer Stella Mc Cartney sent a powerful message when she launched a fashion campaign featuring models Huan Zhou, Iana Godnia, and Birgit Kos. They posed in a landfill in East Scotland, to highlight how consumerism is affecting the planet. Stella McCartney said in a statement for Marie Claire, “Our man-made constructed environments are disconnected and unaware of other life and the planet which is why there is waste.” A total of 53% of the materials McCartney used to make the clothes in that collection came from sustainable sources. But while the regular fashion industry is doing it’s best to produce sustainable clothing, plus size designers and brands are still catching up.

Words: Paula Raul

Thankfully, McCartney’s campaign has paved the way for new brands like Bad Decision Adventure Club to focus on producing sustainable clothes. BDAC uses organic materials and fibres, and processes them using sustainable methods. BDAC founder and CEO Rachel Grant told Bustle: “Sustainable fashion is created and designed with the philosophy or goal to use a process that supports the human impact on the environment and social impact.” This is one of the many brands that are doing away with fast fashion.

However, for plus-size women, it can be frustrating to switch from fast fashion to sustainable fashion, simply because there aren’t enough viable alternatives for women above a UK size 16 or even sometimes a 14. Fashion blogger Callie Thorpe told Refinery29 that the feeling of guilt can turn into frustration. “We’ve been excluded from fashion as a whole for such a long time,” she said. Plus-size blogger, Perelandra Beedles, who is a vegan and sustainable fashion advocate, thinks so, too. “Plus-size women are discriminated against in so many ways, to the point where they are forced to make unethical buying choices because there is nothing else available,” she said.

“We’ve been excluded from fashion for such a long time”

The industry is finally catching up with Refinery29 listing brands such as Eileen Fisher, Beth Ditto, and Smart Glamour as places where plus-size women can buy sustainable clothes. This new drive to create good quality and fashionable clothes for all sizes is being seen across the retail industry. Leading plus size retail outlet Woman Within promote a wide variety of clothing for women up to a size 8X. This shows how the demand for good quality plus size fashion is being recognised by designers, and this will mean that more sustainable clothing for larger women should become available in the future.

Because of advocates like McCartney, who we here at Vegan Good Life admire so much, Thorpe and Beedles are able to purchase ethical plus-size clothes. Brands are making sure they create plus-size garments without compromising the environment. Eileen Fisher, for one, makes sure the materials they use are Fair Trade, not to mention sustainable and organic. If you believe that sustainability is also about buying less and using clothes for longer, you will like the collections available at Karen Kane. The family-run brand’s mantra is ‘sustainability through longevity.’ The future looks bright for fashion, and with more women, of all sizes, pushing for an environmentally friendly fashion industry; we can make a big difference.

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