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Editor's Pick: Mila.Vert with Vegan Good Life's Photographer Aglaja Brix as a Muse

This month’s Editor’s Pick is Mila.Vert - a fully sustainable, ethical, slow fashion brand emerging from Slovenia. These are beautiful pieces that don’t compromise on style while maintaining an environmentally friendly obligation. Check out our very own Fashion Director Aglaja Brix, in an array of Mila.Vert’s timeless collection!

Words: Aglaja Brix
Photography: Brix & Maas
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In 2015, Mila.Vert was born by founder and fashion designer Tina Logar Bachmüller. Tina’s life philosophy was the driving force behind her brand - “representing the story of empowerment, of following your passion and being kind to yourself and others.”

They produce in collaboration with two family-owned sewing companies and a knitting studioall located in Slovenia. All materials are crafted in EU. Tina has a great sense of modern classics with timeless knits, dresses and shirts all made from carefully selected organic materials such as cotton, tencel and hemp. The new vegan bag collection is made from recycled materials.

“Respect towards nature and all its inhabitants is one of our brand’s core values."

“Respect towards nature and all its inhabitants is one of our brand’s core values," Tina tells us. "We therefore do not use any animal products or by-products to make our clothes. Sustainable, ethical and kind is what our fashion is like – and what we try to be like as well. We are proud that all of our collections are entirely vegan and PETA-approved.”

Tina has an affinity for classic and modern designs that don’t go out of fashion but at the same time she puts “a lot of thought into details that make garments special and give them a modern feel, be it a flattering cut of a neckline, a special fabric colour or the way delicate fabrics feel on your skin.”



Mila.Vert is one of my all-time favorite fashion brands as there is an apparent difference of wearing their incredibly soft fabrics. Not only are these pieces strikingly flattering, they also feel amazing. The designs are beautiful, precious, and feminine. I love the cuts, shapes, materials, color palette and cable-knit patterns - and of course because it’s a 100% vegan brand.


Find out more about Mila.Vert and view their full collection here:

Aglaja is also a ‘Mila.Vert muse’, check out the full story and brand here:
Mila.Vert Muse January 2020


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