It’s here: The Guide to vegan Berlin

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Berlin: The Plantbased Guide - Vegan Good Life - a print magazine on ethical fashion, plantbased food and conscious design - the very best in vegan counterculture - Berlin - New York

Berlin has a reputation for being the vegan and countercultural capital of the world. With Vegan Good Life HQ located in Berlin, it was rathe robvious to make the first isssue in a new series of guides to the world’s most interesting vegan-minded cities about the one where we chose to put up shop.

“Ethical Fashion Today” 2

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Ethical Fashion Today Special Edition - Newspaper - Vegan Good Life Magazine

The second edition of our Fashion Week special is here – thicker and with more editorial content than it’s predecessor, but with the same level of quality when it comes to the fashion & beauty photography included in it’s pages. Words & Photos: Eric Mirbach While our next full issue has been in preparation for quite some time now – and … Read More

The Shape of Things to Come

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First Plantbased Fashion Editorial 2019 - shot for Vegan Good Life Magazine by Aglaja Brix & Florian Maas - Berlin, Germany

2018 is slowly but surely coming to an end here at the Vegan Good Life HQ in Berlin (Ger) and while we’re shuffling around the last pages in that print PDF for our next “Ethical Fashion Today” special edition – to be released just in time for the begin of the world’s Fashion Weeks in mid-January 2019, we thought: Why not give you a little outlook on what we have in stock for the new year?

Letter from the Editor – October 18

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Letter from the Editor – Vegan Good Life - October 2018 - Photo by Brix and Maas - Berlin

A year ago, Vegan Good Life went through massive changes. A new city, a new team, a new way of distributing content. After a turbulent Berlin summer, we’re getting ready for 2019 – and we have plans! Words_ Eric Mirbach Photos_ Brix & Maas The last time I wrote a piece like this was early this year, January to be … Read More

Out Now: Ethical Fashion Today

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Ethical Fashion Today - Special Issue - Vegan Good Life Magazine - order now

Right in time for Berlin Fashion Week, we proudly present a special edition of Vegan Good Life magazine: “Ethical Fashion Today”. A minimalistic yet oversized newspaper, with a collection of some of the best shots from this year’s fashion editorials presented here in The Journal. We just couldn’t resist. Photos_ Eric Mirbach Words_ Cort Cunningham Berlin, the creative capital of … Read More


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Vegan Good Life goes New York City - Brix and Maas Photo - Manhattan Architecture

VGL goes NYC! A big influence on the look and feel of the pages of this magazine from day one, NYC now becomes a part of Vegan Good Life even more. We’re celebrating our new Brooklyn office these days – with a photo essay from the streets of New York City. Words_ Eric Mirbach Photography_ Brix & Maas  With the … Read More

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team 2018 - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Behind the Scenes of the Vegan Good Life, we spent the past six months going through massive changes. The most important change, though, is the addition of new members of staff. Come say “hi”.