Editor’s Pick: Mila.Vert

| Fashion

Editor's Pick: Mila.Vert with Vegan Good Life's Photographer Aglaja Brix as a Muse

This month’s Editor’s Pick is Mila.Vert – a fully sustainable, ethical, slow fashion brand emerging from Slovenia. These are beautiful pieces that don’t compromise on style while maintaining an environmentally friendly obligation. Check out our very own Fashion Director Aglaja Brix, in an array of Mila.Vert’s timeless collection! Words: Aglaja Brix Photography: Brix & Maas [ad / werbung] In 2015, Mila.Vert … Read More

Brand Profile: Mayd in Chyna

| Fashion

Brand Check: Mayd in Chyna - Vegan Good Life

Uncompromising in their ethics and approach to how garments should be produced, up and coming fashion label Mayd in Chyna makes sure that across every component of the production, their products truly are fair fashion. We talk with the founder behind the brand and how the values instilled in her by her mother guide her design. Words: Cort CunninghamPhotography: Michael … Read More

On Sans Beast

| Fashion

On Sans Beast - Aussie-born Handbag and Accessory Brand - Ethically Sound - Vegan Good Life Magazine

An Aussie-born handbag and accessory brand, Sans Beast has created technologically- and ethically-sound pieces for the modern accessory lover. For anyone on the hunt for something that makes a bold fashion statement for the animals, we give you an inside look into the brand.

Partnershop: AllTRUEist

| Fashion

Alltrueist Online Store and Les Archivistes Brick & Mortar Concept Store, Montreal - Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Boutique - Vegan Good Life Partner Shop

The newest addition to our list of Vegan Good Life partner shops is in Montreal, Canada. A digital platform for ethical consumerism, AllTRUEist specializes in apparel, shoes, home, beauty – and now coffee table quality magazines. With their eclectic and highly curated selection of ethically made goods, the retailer showcases a sophisticated approach to all things plant based lifestyle both online and in their shared brick & mortar location ‘Les Archivistes’. Can you say ‘a perfect fit?’

These vegan Nikes are 90% recycled

| Fashion

Nike Space Hippie - 90% recycled materials in this new vegan sneaker design - The Air Vegan for Vegan Good Life

Meet the Space Hippie line. Here is a sneaker design that’s proof that Nike can lead the industry into a new direction. Innovation and leadership in all things sustainability, combined in designs that are future proof.

Here in the Lowlands

| Fashion

Amsterdam: Ethical Fashion Editorial - Brix and Maas for Vegan Good Life Magazine

To ease the wait until our new city guide to vegan Amsterdam arrives, here’s an ethical fashion editorial shot on the canals and cobblestone streets of the Dutch capital. A Brix & Maas Production for Vegan Good Life Magazine.

Traces of Saraswati

| Fashion

Traces of Saraswati - a fair and ethical fashion editorial featuring Anh Wisle, shot on location in Bali by Brix & Maas for Vegan Good Life Magazine

Exploring bali and local artisan fair labels in a fashion editorial featuring Anh Wisle. A shoot orchestrated by photographers Brix & Maas for Vegan Good Life Magazine.

Editor’s Pick: Maqu

| Fashion

Maqu - Editor's Pick - Vegan Good Life Magazine

In light of this month’s Editor’s Pick, we want you to get to know Maqu – This young label from Berlin has heads turning over here featuring premium high quality garments that are sustainably manufactured using innovative fabrics.

Women’s Ethical Plus-Size Clothing

| Fashion

AD / WERBUNG – In 2017, designer Stella Mc Cartney sent a powerful message when she launched a fashion campaign featuring models Huan Zhou, Iana Godnia, and Birgit Kos. They posed in a landfill in East Scotland, to highlight how consumerism is affecting the planet. Stella McCartney said in a statement for Marie Claire, “Our man-made constructed environments are disconnected … Read More