The Poetry of Al-Ma’arri

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I no longer steal from nature - 1000 year old vegan poem by Arab poet and writer Al-Ma'Arri – Vegan Good Life Magazine

In his poem ‘I no longer steal from Nature’, blind Arabian poet Al-Ma’arri wrote what most likely is one of the first mentions of a vegan world view. Al-Ma’arri was born near in Ma’arra, south of Aleppo, in the year 973 (!). A rationalist through and through, he transports a universal skepticism of all religions and …

Recipe: Spicy Gin Margarita

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Plantbased Drink Recipe - Spicy Gin Margarita - Vegan Good Life Magazine

There’s still a wide variation of things out there that need to be properly veganized and one thing we found highly underrepresented is: Drinks! (Or, as the German chapter of the team would pronounce it: Dwinks) …

Are we there yet?

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Nico Sarani x Vegan Good Life - Yoga - Dominik Cee Photo - Berlin, 2019

The perks of meditation – they sound too good to be true. According to several studies, countless yoga websites, and pretty much every meditation- and yoga teacher on planet Earth, contemplative practices help you gain better focus, stress less, be a little (or a lot) happier and boost your immune system.

Animal Rights March London

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Ed Winters aka Earthling Ed leading the way for the Animal Rights March 2019 in London, UK - Vegan Good Life # Brix & Maas photo

London was loud! Fighting for animal rights in 2019 never looked so good as on the streets of London last weekend. Here’s our photo repap from the event.

Joshua Katcher’s ‘Fashion Animals’

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Fashion Designer Joshua Katcher takes us from a single bird in New Zealand to a secret rabbit fam inside a concentration camp – in his first book ‘Fashion Animals’, which is out now. A closer look.

Cheese Tasting Party

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Serotonina Vegan Cheese from Poland - Vegan Good Life Cheese Tasting Review

The editorial team got together for our last staff meeting to discuss upcoming projects – and taste some cheese. Polish artisan collective Serotonina had sent a selection of their vegan cheeses and we got right to business. [ad / werbung]Words & Photos: Eric Mirbach We had spotted the Serotonina booth on various vegan markets in Berlin before, so we had … Read More

On Impermanence

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Nico Sarani on Yoga and Veganism - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Whenever I tell people I live in a holiday destination, the most common reaction is: “Wow, your life must be so relaxing”. I can immediately see images of extended beach sunbathing, coconuts, and romantic sunsets (or skinny dipping sessions) by the ocean bubble up in their pretty little heads. Too bad none of that really is my life. Words: Nico Sarani Photo: Andre Hamann Don’t get … Read More

The Pain, the Struggle, the Fear

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart VAUTE documentary - Vegan Good Life

Ever since she appeared on the cover of issue 02, we’ve been following Vaute-founder Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart on her way. Now a new documentary offers a very intimate look into the inner workings of the world’s first vegan fashion house.