How to Know Thyself

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Know Thyself - Yoga in Corona Times - Nico Sarani - Berlin - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Recently, I saw a meme on Instagram, stating there would be two kinds of people coming out of “The Great Pause” (a.k.a. Corona): The rather unfortunate ones with a severe alcohol problem, and the ones ready to save the world with all their newly acquired superhero skills (by the way, if your name is superman and you teach levitation, call … Read More

Recipe: Bloody Mary

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Recipe: Bloody Mary Vegan GoodLife

Let’s be honest friends! You’re either a Bloody Mary lover or you’re not really diggin’ the tomato-driven brunch cocktail at all. Anyways, it’s the  perfect hangover cure without a doubt and a nice variation to those boring red wine nights you’re probably suffering through way too often lately. Words: Wenke WalterPhotos: Isabelle Bamberg  But let me say this: You don’t need … Read More

A Tale of Two Traditions Pt. 1

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A Tale of Two Traditions, Two Cities - Jivamukti Yoga, ManuTeeFaktur x Vegan Good Life - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Traditional practices often hold the answer to our modern struggles. Two orgs born from ancient Eastern wisdom bring a much-needed antidote to Western life: ManuTeeFaktur and Jivamukti. We’ve been attracted to the practices both orgs have introduced to the two cities Vegan Good Life calls home, Berlin and NYC.

Recipe: White Russian

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Plantbased Drink Recipe - White Russian - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Another month, another drink. This time, we’re celebrating the legendary adult milkshake. The dude of all the dudes. That Big Lebowski ting, exactly. Here’s the White Russian – but veganized. Let’s dive …

The Poetry of Al-Ma’arri

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I no longer steal from nature - 1000 year old vegan poem by Arab poet and writer Al-Ma'Arri – Vegan Good Life Magazine

In his poem ‘I no longer steal from Nature’, blind Arabian poet Al-Ma’arri wrote what most likely is one of the first mentions of a vegan world view. Al-Ma’arri was born near in Ma’arra, south of Aleppo, in the year 973 (!). A rationalist through and through, he transports a universal skepticism of all religions and …

Recipe: Spicy Gin Margarita

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Plantbased Drink Recipe - Spicy Gin Margarita - Vegan Good Life Magazine

There’s still a wide variation of things out there that need to be properly veganized and one thing we found highly underrepresented is: Drinks! (Or, as the German chapter of the team would pronounce it: Dwinks) …

Are we there yet?

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Nico Sarani x Vegan Good Life - Yoga - Dominik Cee Photo - Berlin, 2019

The perks of meditation – they sound too good to be true. According to several studies, countless yoga websites, and pretty much every meditation- and yoga teacher on planet Earth, contemplative practices help you gain better focus, stress less, be a little (or a lot) happier and boost your immune system.