Raffle: “Mississippi Vegan” Cookbook

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Interview: Timothy Pakron, Mississippi Vegan - Book Raffle - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Timothy Pakron, better known as Mississippi Vegan, has been one of our faves for quite some time now, mostly thanks to his beautiful food photography which transports that distinct mood of a Rembrandt original. Just recently, Timothy published his first cookbook and we a) jumped to the chance to catch up and ask him about the creation process and b) … Read More

Yogic Self-Absorption

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Nico Sarani on Yoga and Veganism - Derek Simpson for Vegan Good Life

The second installment or our “yoga meets veganism”-column by Bali-based yogi Nico Sarani, our go-to expert when it comes to mindfulness of all sorts. This time, we busy ourselves with some of the ego-inflicted behaviors that even the most centered yogis might sometimes fall back into. Spoiler: There are parallels to the vegan scene (surprise!). Words_ Nico Sarani Photos_ Derek … Read More

All out Ahimsa – Yoga meets Veganism

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Nico Sarani - Yoga meets Veganism - Vegan Good Life Magazine

It comes as little to no surprise that generally speaking, people mindful enough to flirt with the principles of veganism are open to mindfulness as a whole. So even though practicing yoga and opting out of consuming animal derived products are not fundamentally linked, you can see where they coincide. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new columnist Nico … Read More

Wu Wisdom: The RZA on Veganism

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The RZA on Veganism - Vegan Good Life Magazine - Photo by Lukas Maeder

When asked for his favorite books, Robert “RZA” Diggs names the Bible, the Koran and the Lotus-Sutra. Besides hip hop history, the Wu-Tang Clan’s chief-theoretician also created the soundtracks for “Ghost Dog” and “Kill Bill” – and wrote two books. In “Wu-Tang Manual” and “The Tao of Wu”, the dedicated vegan shares his views on life.