A Warsaw Minute: Youmiko Sushi

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Youmiko Vegan Sushi - Warsaw, Warschau, Warszawa - Eric Mirbach for Vegan Good Life

Let me put it this way: We chose the location of our Warsaw airbnb to be close to Youmiko, the sushi place we had visited once a couple years prior. That’s all you need to know about this fine eatery. Fresh, exciting, upscale sushi in a vibrant neighborhood close to the city center and hands down, one of Europe’s top … Read More

A Berlin Minute: Tribeca Ice Cream

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A Berlin Minute A Berlin Minute - Tribeca Ice Cream - Prenzlauer Berg - Vegan Good Life Magazine- Tribeca Ice Cream - Prenzlauer Berg - Vegan Vood Life Magazine

It seems like crazy sounding, extraordinary flavors are the thing these days when it comes to ice cream parlors. But Salty Maca Caramel? We’re listening… One of the new plantbased hotspots of the German capital offers superfood-charged nice cream, located in one of the most picturesque hoods of Berlin. How about a trip to Prenzlauer Berg for a scoop or … Read More

A Paris Minute: Abattoir Végétal

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Abattoire Vegetale - Vegan Restaurant and Plantbased Brunch - A Paris Minute - Vegan Good Life Magazine

This place is as obviously plantbased as it gets: In the 18th arrondissement of Paris, this cute restaurant with a charming interior – complete with loads plants hanging from the ceiling – serves wholesome, nourishing and colorful dishes to an eclectic mix of cool Parisians and in-the-know tourists. Abattoir Végétal is proof that Paris is opening up to veganism more … Read More

A Berlin Minute: Lück’s

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Berlin Minute - Lücks, Friedrichshain - Vegan Travel City Guide - Vegan Good Life

Smack in the middle of the vibrant, alternative Berlin neighborhood of Friedrichshain, a cozy vegan restaurant offers homemade, healthy dishes that will tempt your taste buds. This Berlin Minute in one of our favorite spots in the city, coming up in 3, 2, … – Werbung / Ad – Words: Brix & Maas Photos: Aglaja Brix From burgers and a … Read More

A Brooklyn Minute: Riverdel

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Riverdel - Brooklyn Minute - New York City Guide - Vegan Good Life

On Washington Avenue in the Prospect Heights district of Brooklyn, sits Riverdel, a shop dedicated to dairy-free cheese and fine foods. It’s a slice of the vegan good life in NYC that draws both neighborhood locals and visitors alike. Words: Cort Cunningham Photos: Eric Mirbach Perfectly positioned just a few blocks from the Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Gardens, and Prospect Park, … Read More

A Paris Minute: Pâtisserie Végétale

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A Paris Minute - Pâtisserie Végétale - Vegan Croissant Alert – Vegan Good Life Magazine

Vegan croissants wanted: The first time I heard of VG Pâtisserie was when friends visiting Berlin told me they were taking a train to Paris just to experience petit dejeuner at Pâtisserie Vegetale: “Their croissants look like they’re to die for, we have to go!” One of those moments when you realize that you might be missing out on some … Read More

A Warsaw Minute: Krowarzywa

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Krowarzywa - vegan burgers in Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw Minute, Vegan Good Life Magazine

Every big city has one – that one burger joint everybody can agree on. The go-to spot for the cool cats and the weirdos, the healthsters and the fast-food-aficionados. In Warsaw, this go-to spot happens to be all vegan. And everybody loves it! A Warsaw Minute.

A Berlin Minute – Brammibal’s

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The first Berlin Minute is a total no-brainer: With the VGL headquarter right across the canal from the location, Brammibal’s Donuts in Kreuzberg is our number one hang out spot in the city. And we’re not alone in this: They’re exquisite and creative selection of deep fried deliciousness attracts a wide variation of people – definitely not “just” a vegan hotspot, Brammibal’s has calorie overload for everybody.