Minimalistic Classics Made Of Apple Leather

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Brand Pick: Osier - Vegan Good Life

When founder Theresa fell in love with Amsterdam, it was clear she would start her own vegan business from there, too. The brand she cooked up, Osier, became a vegan luxury handbag brand with an eye toward transforming the fashion industry. We met Theresa during a research trip for our Amsterdam guide back in January and talked about her brand and her love  for Amsterdam. … Read More

Indian Summer Dip

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Summer Staycation - vegan ethical beachwear fashion editorial - Brix & Maas for Vegan Good Life Magazine

Late summer staycation! Here’s some inspiration for making days off count without traveling far, featuring ethically crafted swimwear and the beautiful German countryside with it’s crystal clear lakes and the scent of late summer woods. Corona who? Photography: Brix & MaasModels: Aglaja and Julia [ad/werbung]01_BIKINI_ALL SISTERS02_BIKINI TOP_ANEKDOT03_/04_BIKINI_INASKAEAR CUFFS_SASKIA DIEZ05_BIKINI & SWIMSUIT_INASKAEAR CUFFS_SASKIA DIEZ06_SWIMSUIT_INASKA07_BIKINI_ALL SISTERS08_BIKINI LEFT_ANEKDOT BIKINI RIGHT_ANEKDOTEAR CUFFS_SASKIA DIEZ09_BIKINI BOTTOM_INASKA10_BIKINI_ANEKDOT 11_BIKINI_ANEKDOT … Read More

Recipe: Espresso Martini

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Recipe: Espresso Martini

Welcome to another round of cocktails. This time it’s all about the great fusion of vodka and espresso; the natty Espresso Martini. A rather unlikely combination, bringing a whole new flavor to the table. And the secret for some extra foaminess: Aquafaba. Words: Wenke WalterPhotos: Isabelle Bamberg If you don’t know queen aquafaba yet, she’s a magical bean liquid. Aqua means … Read More

Cake Special: Von Georgia

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Von Georgia: Vegan Good Life Cake Special

Let us eat cake! Since the opening of patisserie Von Georgia, Berlin’s slice of the vegan cake has gotten a little bigger. We were lucky enough to taste some — okay all —of these incredible plant-based desserts. Words: Cort CunninghamPhotos: Brix&MaasStarted as a passion project by former health psychologist Georgia Schneider, Von Georgia is a vegan patisserie in Berlin that … Read More

How to Know Thyself

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Know Thyself - Yoga in Corona Times - Nico Sarani - Berlin - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Recently, I saw a meme on Instagram, stating there would be two kinds of people coming out of “The Great Pause” (a.k.a. Corona): The rather unfortunate ones with a severe alcohol problem, and the ones ready to save the world with all their newly acquired superhero skills (by the way, if your name is superman and you teach levitation, call … Read More

The Beyond Possible Burger

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Eat This! The Beyond Possible Burger Recipe - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Wait, the what? As we’re were discussing the future of meat in Issue 6 of Vegan Good Life Magazine and talked to some of the movers and shakers of these new developments in food, it was fun to see our friends over at Eat This try to put their own spin on the “tastes like the real thing”-burger craze stirred … Read More

Editor’s Pick: Mila.Vert

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Editor's Pick: Mila.Vert with Vegan Good Life's Photographer Aglaja Brix as a Muse

This month’s Editor’s Pick is Mila.Vert – a fully sustainable, ethical, slow fashion brand emerging from Slovenia. These are beautiful pieces that don’t compromise on style while maintaining an environmentally friendly obligation. Check out our very own Fashion Director Aglaja Brix, in an array of Mila.Vert’s timeless collection! Words: Aglaja Brix Photography: Brix & Maas [ad / werbung]In 2015, Mila.Vert was … Read More

The best vegan eats in Damsco, compiled

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The digital version of our plant based guide to Amsterdam city is available now – Vegan Good Life Magazine

We were ready to publish the hardcover version of our newest: The plant based guide to Amsterdam city, compiling the best eats and tips for the vegan traveller. It was about to be delivered to our warehouse, we had loads of preorders lined up – and then life happened. Oh, yeah, and Covid. Words: Eric MirbachEver since the city of … Read More

Brand Profile: Mayd in Chyna

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Brand Check: Mayd in Chyna - Vegan Good Life

Uncompromising in their ethics and approach to how garments should be produced, up and coming fashion label Mayd in Chyna makes sure that across every component of the production, their products truly are fair fashion. We talk with the founder behind the brand and how the values instilled in her by her mother guide her design. Words: Cort CunninghamPhotography: Michael … Read More