The best vegan eats in Damsco, compiled

| Travel

The digital version of our plant based guide to Amsterdam city is available now – Vegan Good Life Magazine

We were ready to publish the hardcover version of our newest: The plant based guide to Amsterdam city, compiling the best eats and tips for the vegan traveller. It was about to be delivered to our warehouse, we had loads of preorders lined up – and then life happened. Oh, yeah, and Covid. Words: Eric MirbachEver since the city of … Read More

Our favorite “Earthling Ed” Quotes

| Interview

Earthling Ed - Animal Rights Activist Ed Winters - photos by Aglaja Brix and Florian Maas - Berlin - Vegan Good Life Magazine

On the cover of our latest issue, you can see Mr. Ed Winters, better known as “Earthling Ed”, with the words “radical kindness” scribbled across. Inside, we have an extended interview with the well-known activist whose calm but dangerously eloquent manner inspired the cover art. Here are our favorite quotes from the piece. Words: Eric Mirbach Photography: Brix & MaasEd and … Read More

On Radical Kindness

| Vegan Good Life

On Radical Kindness - Behind the Cover Artwork of Issue 7 - Vegan Good Life Magazine

If not now, when? When we discussed ideas for the cover of our new issue 7, we were not aware that our call for “radical kindness” that is now painted over the actual cover art in thick, yellow, shiny letters, would get a whole other layer of meaning due to recent world affairs.

The Poetry of Al-Ma’arri

| Culture

I no longer steal from nature - 1000 year old vegan poem by Arab poet and writer Al-Ma'Arri – Vegan Good Life Magazine

In his poem ‘I no longer steal from Nature’, blind Arabian poet Al-Ma’arri wrote what most likely is one of the first mentions of a vegan world view. Al-Ma’arri was born near in Ma’arra, south of Aleppo, in the year 973 (!). A rationalist through and through, he transports a universal skepticism of all religions and …

These vegan Nikes are 90% recycled

| Fashion

Nike Space Hippie - 90% recycled materials in this new vegan sneaker design - The Air Vegan for Vegan Good Life

Meet the Space Hippie line. Here is a sneaker design that’s proof that Nike can lead the industry into a new direction. Innovation and leadership in all things sustainability, combined in designs that are future proof.