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Krowarzywa - vegan burgers in Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw Minute, Vegan Good Life Magazine
Words & Photography_ Eric Mirbach

Every big city has one – that one burger joint everybody can agree on. The go-to spot for the cool cats and the weirdos, the healthsters and the fast-food-aficionados. In Warsaw, this go-to spot happens to be all vegan. And everybody loves it! A Warsaw Minute.
Krowarzywa is the best proof that the best way to sell veganism is through delicious food nobody can say no to. Polish cuisine is traditionally meat-heavy, but the thriving vegan scene of Warsaw, with Krowarzywa's three locations on the very forefront, has set out to put a dent into that traditional approach to the country's cuisine.
Not only are Krowarzywa's burger delicious, though – they're also a pretty good choice health-wise when compared to the products by certain well-known fast food chains.

Patties made from marinated tofu, chickpeas, seitan or seasonal vegetables

Made using "the best, fresh, unprocessed ingredients", free of "preservatives, canned food, monosodium glutamate or other flavor enhancing substances", these seasonal burgers and the amazing homemade sauces are to die for.
Burger patties made from marinated tofu, chickpeas, seitan or seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes and coleslaw on the side – you need to come here. Warsaw awaits.

Krowarzywa I

Hoza St. 29/31
00-521 Warsaw

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
noon – 11pm

Krowarzywa II

Marsatkowska St. 27/35
00-639 Warsaw

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
noon – 11pm

Krowarzywa III

Hala Gwardii Plac Zelaznej Brami 1
00-136 Warsaw

Opening Hours
Fr - Sat
11am – 1am
11am – 10pm
Learn more about Krowarzywa, the menu and their mission
on their website.
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