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A Tale of Two Traditions, Two Cities - Jivamukti Yoga, ManuTeeFaktur x Vegan Good Life - Vegan Good Life Magazine

It seems that almost every aspect of society holds a near-constant focus on the next best thing. What now, where to next? Who knows what the future holds, but it’s easy to lose sight of what got us here in the first place. Traditional practices often hold the answer to our modern struggles. Two orgs born from ancient Eastern wisdom bring a much-needed antidote to Western life: ManuTeeFaktur and Jivamukti. We’ve been attracted to the practices both orgs have introduced to the two cities Vegan Good Life calls home, Berlin and NYC.

A two-part-feature taken from the pages of issue 7 of Vegan Good Life magazine as part of our online "quarantine"-care package, a collection of content to come in handy in Corona times.

Words: Cort Cunningham
Photos: Jivamukti Yoga, ManuTeeFaktur

Jivamukti is a global yoga method developed in 1984 NYC, with studios all over the world today, including Berlin. Its namesake is a Sanskrit word that means “liberated while living”. With studios, teacher training, retreats and over 2000 certified teachers around the world, Jivamukti aims to offer “a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings” and supports conscious consumption, informed by the wisdom of ancient yoga. Veganism is often considered too dogmatic for many yoga studios, whereas Jivamukti sees it as absolutely linked to its teachings.

Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon & David Life


Karoline Straubinger from Jivamukti claims: “To truly be a Yogi – to embody the principles of the classical yoga teachings – we have no other choice but to be vegan. Jivamukti Yoga made veganism more mainstream in the yoga industry, as well as others who are connected to the yogic and conscious lifestyles. Our approach and method ask everyone to employ a level of analysis and consciousness to every single thing that they consume, and we believe that this has impacted and inspired many modern vegan movements.” ManuTeeFaktur is an organic tea manufactory in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Founder Manu Kumar grew up between continents and cultures, Orient and Occident, but also between ancient knowledge and modern science, as his father was taught Ayurveda in the Himalayas, then studied Western Medicine in Germany. As an adult, Manu set out to reconnect with his Asian roots.

“To truly be a Yogi we have no other choice but to be vegan."

He rediscovered his original enjoyment of tea on his travels: from exotic markets to high plantations, to small nomad tents to stately tea houses. He went to places where centuries of knowledge about spices and herbs and their enormous health benefits are passed on from old to young. At his shop in Kreuzberg that is “Open when open”, Manu has introduced traditional recipes assembling teas, cultivating Europe’s first raw KombuCha, and making cold brews from a variety of teas. And veganism is at the root of everything they produce. “Vegan, as well as organic, are minimum production standards, and it has been like that since day one,” Manu shares. “It was out of the question for me that all ManuTeeFaktur products would be anything other than exactly that: 100% vegan, bio and sustainable. We show that being compassionate and caring can be cool and hip and at the same time contribute to a better world.”


So how are these two orgs connected? They met during the annual Jivamukti Tribe Gathering in Berlin. “We love to create a network with people and companies who strive for the same values and who try to make the world a better, more cruelty free place,” Karoline shares. Manu continues, “We share the same hopes for the future and are the ‘wild childs’ in our respective fields.” From common beliefs, to an idea, that then developed into a collaboration: a special tea collection crafted from traditional tea recipes for body and mind, created by Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon.

Then of course it’s the two cities themselves, Berlin and NYC. We asked both Karoline and Manu for their take on both places.

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Part Two of this feature and for the full interview here!


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Yoga and tea, two traditions born from ancient Eastern wisdom. ManuTeeFaktur and Jivamukti share both the love for these traditions as well as the care for all living beings… a friendship that developed into this collaboration, inspired by Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon and developed by Manu of ManuTeeFaktur.

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