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A Love Letter to Stella McCartney - Vegan Good Life Magazine

Dear Stella,
You don’t know us, but we’ve admired you forever. Well before we started this magazine, we’ve watched you, seemingly effortlessly, send ethically-made clothing down the world’s top fashion runways and into the spotlight it so deserves. Season after season, you have never wavered in your commitment to sustainability. And you have only continued to buck convention to keep pushing for new, animal-free material innovation. It’s good to know you are out there, pushing things forward. By creating designs in the high fashion realm, you are on the forefront of turning ethically-made fashion from somewhat of a compromise into actually sought-after items, giving it the air of a sophisticated lifestyle choice that’s both aspiring and empowering.

[Ad/Werbung] Words_ Cort Cunningham
Portrait_ Mary McCartney
Campaign Shots_ Johnny Dufort
Take this week alone. You unveiled the first-ever vegan leather Stella x Stan Smith adidas sneaker. Madonna and Ellie Goulding were in attendance, and the fashion media took note. It seems like just yesterday you were dressing royalty, and the world took note.

You’re different. We see a vegetarian who actually connects the dots and translates what to many seems solely a dietary choice into their work. It’s something that should be a no-brainer, but in reality is inexplicably too much of a stretch for most. We love this about you. And then, us being a vegan publication, seeing how your collections basically border on veganism (the only exceptions we know of being wool from animal welfare farms and peace silk, both of which we could do without) adds to our admiration tremendously.

We also see how important it is for ethical fashion as a whole that you’re not going overboard with the activism side of your work. By not shying away from catering to the mainstream market and collaborating with big players like adidas, you’re showing all of us that yes, you can be commercially successful and still hold up the value of your own brand. And on top of that, potentially trigger a sea change with the partners with whom you work and the people who wear your looks.

Your aesthetics, and your ethics,
make you royalty to us.

Stella, dear Stella, we want you in our pages. Because your aesthetics, and your ethics, make you royalty to us. You have shown the world that modern yet timeless elegance can range from textural and natural beauty to eye-popping street and sport looks – the most recent campaign photos by Johnny Dufort (see collage above) are the best example. Women and men seek your work and frankly, more designers should be following in your footsteps.

You’re lending your name to a cause, working against what you despise and for the things you believe in – creating a new path for yourself and through that, continuing your family’s legacy in your very own way. You’re a ray of hope for us amidst a sea of uninspiring brands that are either unethical or fail to be actual fashion. We need sustainable choices to become glorious must-haves, improving quality of life by sheer beauty. And we will not settle for anything less than that.

Hopefully one day you’ll take notice of us, too. We’re a small team with a place in our hearts for visionaries like you. We could collaborate. We could be your media muses. The logical plantbased counterculture extension to your beloved brand. Until then, don’t worry. We’ll play it cool. We know Paris is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what you unveil next.

Forever yours,
Team VGL

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